Haaretz: Silence of the Lambs: A Palestinian hamlet on the brink of destruction

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“The lambs due to be born soon in the village of Halat Makhoul may not survive these chilly nights. nor may the residents, whose tents were destroyed yet again by the army.
By Gideon Levy and Daniel Bar-On | Oct. 11, 2013 | 10:38 AM

The scrawny little kitten is still around. It doesn’t seem to have grown since we were last here, two weeks ago. It’s still scratching for food in the dirt, but it’s still alive. Also still here, somehow, in Halat Makhoul, a village in the Jordan Valley, are some 1,200 sheep and about 100 people. Last week they pitched new tents, and once again the soldiers came to wreak destruction and burn things. This week the inhabitants erected them again − about a dozen white tents on the ruins of their predecessors − but they haven’t inserted the pegs deep into the ground yet, for fear of the soldiers. They are afraid to sleep in the tents, lest the wind collapse the insecure metal poles on top of them.”

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